A New Year!

Inspired Truth was created almost a year ago. My husband and I were not allowed to lead groups on marriage and parenting because we believed in traditional marriage where a woman submits to the authority of her husband. Where we as parents, take a stand to be there for our children in every way to teach them about the love of Jesus Christ, right from wrong, and how to be capable adults in a world that seems against them and our belief system.

          I created this in order to educate others about the information that is available to us as believers to learn for ourselves and not base our faith in pastors, preachers or evangelists. People are fallible. The Word of God is not. I am not an authority in any way. I am taking my journey of learning, which continues each and every day and documenting it for anyone who wants to stand on truth and learn what it means to live a life and marriage that glorifies God.

Inspired Truth has been shut down. Thank you for following me.

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